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When we practice positive affirmations, we have the ability to change our perception, which can change our thought life, which can change our brain, which can change our reality. 


When I designed these affirmation cards, I thought of these designs with pure and positive intentions.


How to Use:

  • Daily Affirmations: Pick a card every day, preferably in the morning and reflect on the affirmation. You can do this every morning, throughout the day, and again before bed each night.
  • Weekly Affirmations: Choose a card and focus on that affirmation for the entire week. Journal, reflect and resonate with the card.
  • Journal prompts
  • Book marks
  • Gifts
  • Practical home decor
  • Prompt on your daily workspace, mirror, car, purse, etc. As long as you will see the affirmation frequently.


This set includes:

  • 35 affirmation cards
  • 1 instruction card
  • size: 2.75” x 4.25”
  • Printed on Premium 120# Cover stock
  • Gloss coated
  • Luxury Tuck box
  • Protection Filler


**Wooden Stands are sold separately in our products**


Empowered Educators cards will donate 15% to Happy Teacher Revolution.


Happy Teacher Revolution is a Baltimore-born, international movement with the mission to support the mental health and well-being of teachers.


They train Revolutionaries around the world to initiate Happy Teacher Revolution support group meetings in their own communities.  


They are a network of teachers that serves as a support system for teachers who are struggling with the shame, blame, guilt and difficulties of balancing an incredibly demanding profession with their own sense of self and happiness. 


Often, teachers are asked to give so much in terms of time, money, and emotional capacity. Happy Teacher Revolution strives to empower teachers to push back on these expectations in hopes of them striking a balance between excellent teaching and personal sustainability.

Empowered Educators: Affirmation Cards

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