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I decided to create an essential planner for us small business owners. I got feedback from over 20 business owners with clientele and created this. You are the CEO of your business. You are the social media manager, the photographer, the inventory tracker, the supplier, the graphic designer, etc. YOU are the reason why your business is flourishing. I created this small business planner in hopes of helping you manage your business more strategically.


I designed the front cover to allow whomever purchasing the planner to manifest the CEO status of their business. When you constantly see CEO of *your business name* - you will psychologically believe in it. The blank area in the front of the cover will allow a more personalized business planner. You can customize the planner with either a black permanent marker or a sticker of your business name.


Business planner details:

Size: 8.5 x 11 in - enough space to write.

105 Pages

Premium matte finish soft cover

Printed on high quality white paper


Inside the business planner:

Undated twelve month overlook - start the business planner anytime of the year!

Monthly Goals - re-evaluate what you want for your business.

Monthly Notes - highlights or important dates for the month.

Monthly Income & Expenses - Money management is key to a successful business.

Business Contacts


Product Inventory


Orders and Sales

Ideas area

Social Media space

Blank space


Thank you so much for supporting my small business and my dreams of spreading love to mental health.

CEO Business Planner

  • There are no returns on the product. 

    If there is an issue on the product, please contact us and we will be glad to help resolve the issue. 

  • In creation of this planner, I would love to gift a portion of the proceeds to one lucky small business owner. After all sales are compiled, I will announce one lucky winner on my social media.

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